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May, 2024

2024 Shake The Can

The time has come for our Annual Shake the Can Fundraising Event, this Sunday May 19th 2024. This is always a fun tradition for the players and VRLL. Please arrive at Legion Field 15 minutes before your team's scheduled time in full uniform (and sneakers). From there we will send the kids out to different businesses around town (ie Stop and Shop, Mitchell's, Bognar's) to 'Shake the Can'. They will wait outside the businesses and ask for donations as their customers are coming and going. Please remember the players can not be left unattended and this is supposed to be fun. All of the businesses  know we are coming and will be expecting you! We accept Cash and Coin, but we also have also updated with the times and have QR Codes on most of the cans for the people who don't have cash.  
We will have everything you will need waiting for you at Legion Field, the first group will bring the cans with them and they will "shake' there until their replacements come at the top of the next hour. At the end of your "shift" please empty your can and return your money in the ziploc bags that we supply you back to Legion Field. We will have snacks there waiting for the kids.
The schedule is Listed below & We hope to see everyone participate!! We would love to see as many kids as possible from each team! The more the merrier! Remember, fundraising is a Major part for our league to survive.
8 - 9am - Dr. M's / Mikro / Hook & Ladder
9 - 10am - Elks / Olender's / CVO - Baseball
10 - 11am - Villa / VPA / CVO - Softball
11am - 12pm - Garden Barn / New England Pizza / Paul's Pizza
12 - 1pm - Frankie B's / Planet Fitness / Softball School
1 - 2pm - TBall School
Please let us know if you have any Questions!


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