Baseball- Tee Ball


Tee-ball is the introductory level of baseball which focuses on learning basic fundamentals and learning the rules. Children are taught the basic skills of throwing, catching, fielding, batting, and running the bases as we de-emphasizing competitiveness at this level. Players hit off a stationary tee and may move to coach pitching during the season as appropriate. 

There is a great deal of hands-on instruction during the events. During game play, coaches remain on the field to give instruction.

*League Age 4-6 year olds do not attend Evaluations

Who can play?

  • “League Age” 4 – 6 year olds
  • Other ages may play up or down as appropriate
  • New and experienced players are welcome

What is included?

  • A t-shirt style jersey and hat that players get to keep!
  • A team photo
  • Use of basic playing equipment (bats, etc)
  • Regular full field and station based practices
  • Full event schedule
  • Multiple dedicated coaches per season
  • All coaches are background checked with 1 or more coaches certified in CPR & First Aid
  • Easy to use team specific web and mobile platform for schedules and communications

What equipment is needed?

  • Glove
  • Baseball Pants or long pants
  • Cleats or sneakers
  • Hydration
  • Groin Protector

Other recommended items include:

    • Personal Batting Helmet (Strongly Encouraged)
    • Batting Gloves
  • Belt
  • Sunglasses
  • Equipment Bag
  • Cooling Devices

Parent Expectations

Parents are expected to help with the following:

  • Field care as directed
  • Prompt drop off and pickup


Games & Practices:

  • 2 Teeball events will typically be played per week usually on Wednesday and Saturday. Events are with other VRLL teeballers as set by the league
  • Blended use of full field and training gear

*Schedules are published once teams are created. All schedules subject to change.

Click here for the rules of play



Registration Listing

2024 Spring Baseball

Vernon-Rockville Little League Registration
Welcome to the VRLL Online Registration System.

Little League 2024 Spring Baseball

This program is for girls and boys LEAGUE ages 4 -12 to play in one of our defined age divisions of Little League Spring Baseball. 
There are many different programs to choose from. Please enroll members in the proper program per the description & age. The season runs from Mid April - Early June. Most teams have multiple practices during the week that start in early April. Depending on the program games are held on some week nights and Saturdays. Majors teams can expect to start practicing in early March and will have light travel to surrounding towns for some games during the season.

There are multiple levels of play that we anticipate providing:
  • Tee Ball Level- 4-6 year olds (6 year olds who have not completed Tee Ball must register here)
  • Farm Level- Most 7-8 year olds (6 Year olds are allowed to play in Farm if they have completed Tee Ball)
  • Minors Level- Most 9-11 year olds (Some 8 year olds will be placed in minors based on evaluations)
  • Majors Level - Drafted 9-12 year olds (Returning Majors Players, league age 9 who wish to be considered for Majors, and all players league age 10-12 will be evaluated as part of the Majors Draft)
*Note, players who were new to Majors in the fall are not guaranteed to be drafted to a Majors team in the spring. All players league age 8-12 not currently on a Majors team must attend evaluations on Saturday Feb 24th or Sunday 25th. Returning Majors players do not need to attend evaluations and are placed on their previous team. You should wait to purchase new bats and gloves until you speak with a coach who can guide sizing and affiliation requirements. All bats not made of wood must have the USA bat stamp on them.

Boys & girls that will be Little League aged 4 to 12 for the 2024 spring/summer season are eligible to play 2024 spring/summer baseball at VRLL. A player’s age as of August 31, 2023 will be that player’s Little League age for the 2024 spring/summer season. VRLL is required to adhere to the “Age Determination Date” requirements established by Little League, Inc. 

Making sense of the ages and placement:

Age 6
  • Birth Year = Sep - Dec 2017 & Jan - Aug 2018
  • Tball: Players who are league age 6 with no prior Little League experience must register in T-Ball.
  • Farm A: Players who are age 6 and have played T-ball in an official Little League program will be placed in Farm

Age 7
  • Birth Year = Sep - Dec 2016 & Jan - Aug 2017
  • Farm: All players who are age 7 will be placed in Farm.

Age 8
  • Birth Year = Sep - Dec 2015 & Jan - Aug 2016
  • Farm: Most players who are age 8 will be placed in Farm. 
  • Minors: Players who show advanced skillsets may be moved to Minors to challenge their skills and to ensure safe play for those in Farm.

Age 10:
  • Birth Year = Sept - Dec 2013 & Jan - Aug 2014
  • All 10 yr olds must attend evaluations and may be drafted to a Majors team.
  • Minors: The majority of 10-year-olds will play Minors.
  • Majors: All 10 yr olds must attend evaluations and are eligible to be drafted in Majors. Any 10 yr old who is not selected for the Majors draft will be placed in Minors. Register your player for Baseball- Minors: Player Pitch & Major Prospects

Age 11:
  • Birth Year = Sept - Dec 2012 & Jan - Aug 2013.
  • Minors: All 11 yr olds must attend evaluations and may be drafted to a Majors team
  • Majors: Any 11 yr old who is not selected for the Majors draft will be placed in Minors. Register your player for Baseball- Minors: Player Pitch & Major Prospects

 Age 12:
  • Birth Year = Sept - Dec 2011 & Jan - Aug 2012
  • Minors: All 12 yr olds must attend evaluations and will be drafted to a Majors team.  
  • Majors: All 12-year-olds will be placed in Majors. Register your player for Baseball- Minors: Player Pitch & Major Prospects

Eligibility - All new players and players registering on our new site are required to upload proof of residency (using a valid drivers license and at least one utility bill received within the last three months) or proof of school enrollment in Vernon Rockville CT (using the most recent progress report or report card). Also, all new players are required to upload a copy of the child's birth certificate. Returning players and previously registered players on the new site do not need residency, school or age verification.

General Members - This program is for adults who wish to participate actively in the organization and operation of the league. All Board Members, Managers, Coaches, Team Parents and anyone helping with field maintenance, snack shack or any other function that directly contributes to the league's operation, are eligible. General Members participate in the annual General Membership meeting to review the state of the league, its funds, its future plans and the voting of its new Board of Directors. A $1 fee is required to become a General Member.

Coach & Volunteer - This program is for adults who wish to register to participate actively in VRLL as a Board Member, Manager, Coach, Team Parent, help with field maintenance, snack shack or any other function that directly contributes to the league's operation. A secure background check portal link will be sent to the email you provide us on this form. We need your help to run the league and our teams. Please consider completing the separate coach/volunteer registration to help manage, coach or volunteer. Our league can't function without you!

Note: Registrations not paid in full and/or checks not received within 14 days will be auto-deleted from the system and your player will not be placed on a team

If you have any questions or problems with registration, please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Baseball- Tee Ball

Registration closes on 04/27/2024 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 04/01/2024 to 06/12/2024
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